Rumbalara Reserve - Flannel Flower Track

A 1.6km bush and road walk through Rumbalara reserve.
Flannel Flower Track, Rumbalara Reserve
The Flannel Flower Track has grass trees along it.
At the start of the Flannel Flower track there are many steps which are fairly easy to negotiate as they are not too steep. After the steps the track narrows however it is easy to follow. There are great scenic views over the suburbs of Gosford. Don't forget insect repellant as the mozzies are relentless. Two 2m sections of the track were muddy which my mother negotiated slowly at the edge of the track as this appeared slightly firmer than the centre of the track. To assist with balance as there was a slight drop at the edge fern fronds were clung onto. Not sure how these really helped as they looked rather fragile to me! We did this short walk after a very rainy period. Probably better in drier weather. At the junction of the Flannel Flower Track with the Casuarina Track we took the trail back up to the road and walked back to the carpark near Yaruga lookout. Didn't see any flannel flowers. Must have been the wrong time of the year.

Information board, Rumbalara Reserve
Information board near Yuruga picnic area
Facilities: parking areas, picnic tables, BBQs, public toilets
Length:1.6 km
Difficulty: Moderate.
Location: at the end of Dolly Avenue, Springfield. From Wells Street turn into Springfield road then left into Dolly Avenue.
Closest City: Gosford

Flannel Flower Track, Rumbalara Reserve
The  beginning of the track going down, down, down!
Flannel Flower Track, Rumbalara Reserve
Numerous well spaced steps on the Flannel Flower Track
Flannel Flower Track, Rumbalara Reserve
The bush track at the bottom of the steps
View of Brisbane Water from Flannel Flower track
View over Brisbane water from Flannel FlowerTrack,
 Rumbalara Reserve
Flannel Flower Track, Rumalara Reserve
The track begins to slope back up the hill.
View of Gosford from Flannel Flower Track
View near the junction of the Flannel Flower
 and Casuarina tracks
Another small picnic area along the road going back to Yaruga lookout carpark
Yuruga picnic area near lookout
There is timber decking extending over the escarpment enabling great views of the surrounding landscape.
Yuruga Lookout, Rumbalara Reserve
View from Yuruga Lookout at Rumbalara Reserve


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