Woy Woy Walk 2

2.5 km return bay walk from Lion's park to Allfield road.

Woy Woy cycle/walking path
The start of the walk near Lions Park carpark
A wide paved path shared between bikes and walkers wanders along the Woy Woy foreshore.  A peaceful walk with pretty views of water and boats. In warm fine weather this is popular early in the morning for exercising, taking the dog for a walk, walking to get the morning paper or cycling. Always walk on the left hand side of the path and bikes will notify you when coming up to pass you with a ring of the bell.

There are a number of seats conveniently placed along the walk looking out over the bay.
This walk is well maintained with beautifully mown lawn along the path and together with water views makes this one of the best walking paths in Gosford.

Woy Woy walking/cycle path

Facilities: Carpark, public toilets, picnic tables and shelters and childrens playground.
Length: A total of 2.5km for the return walk from Lions Park to Allfield Road.
Difficulty: Easy level walk (slopes slightly just before Allfield road).

Closest Town: Gosford
Getting There: From Brisbane Water drive turn into Brick Wharf road and drive to Lions Park where there is usually plenty of parking although it can be quite busy on the weekend due to cars with boat trailers as there is a boat ramp here.

Continue on: For a longer walk proceed to Woy Woy Walk 3 before returning to Lions park.

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Scenery along Woy Woy walking/cycle path
Woy Woy cycle/walking path
View of Brisbane Water along Woy Woy walking/cycle path
A beautiful morning to stroll along Woy Woy cycle/walking path
Seats along Woy Woy walking/cycle path
Woy Woy cycle/walking path
Walking along Woy Woy cycle path
Seats along the foreshore to relax and enjoy the view
Woy Woy cycle/walking path
Woy Woy walk just before Park Road
Woy Woy cycle/walking path
Cycling popular along the path

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