Fitzroy Falls Walk

Two walks to view Fitzroy Falls, Morton National Park near Robertson, Moss vale and Bowral.
Fitzroy Falls
from 1st lookout west rim track
A spectacular waterfall that plunges about 80m into the valley below. There are two walks along the cliff tops - the east rim walk and the west rim walk. We walked a short distance along the East Rim Track to the first lookout then backtracked and walked to two lookouts along the West Rim Track. Fantastic views of national park and waterfall from the first lookout on the west rim track. My 80 year old mother did not take the steps down to the second lookout. There was a seat conveniently located at the top of the stairs where she could sit while I checked out the lookout. Great views from all three lookouts.
Relaxed afterwards with a cup of coffee from the cafe at the visitors centre.

View from 1st lookout west rim track
Facilities: Car Park, Picnic area, public toilet, cafe, visitors centre
Difficulty: Easy. Second lookout on West Rim walk has steps

NP: Morton National Park
Closest Towns: Robertson, Moss Vale and Bowral
Driving There: From Hume Highway turn into Illawarra Highway then into Nowra Road.

Visitor Centre
Path divides into east and west rim walk
Fitzroy Falls - sheer cliffs
Fitzroy Falls Track
Fitzroy Falls Track
Fitzroy Falls Track
Fitzroy Falls Track
Steps down to 2nd lookout on west rim walk

Fitzroy Falls from 2nd lookout west rim track

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